Types of Valuations

What is a Valuation?

A document that fully describes the jewellery or gemstone being assessed which also features an image/images of the piece and stipulates a monetary value, be it insurance, market or for matrimonial purposes. In the case of an insurance valuation, if your piece is lost or stolen, the individual responsible for replacing your piece will have clear references and therefore be able to replicate your masterpiece.


  • The most commonly sought-after valuation type. It is the cost to replace an item of jewellery or gemstone at a retail store in either the local market or place it will likely be manufactured.

Matrimonial Property Settlement

  • In case of separation, valuations may be requested by the courts. We offer valuations for matrimonial purposes assessing what your items will realise in the fair market.

Deceased Estate

  • In the sad time of losing loved ones, it is often necessary to divide the family heirlooms. You are presented with a box of jewellery, not sure what has value and what does not. We can help you do this by coming to your house, making an appointment to come and see us or even meeting you at the vault where the jewellery is stored. We will separate the items of value from the pieces which are not and can then process the valuations. For more information about this service, please feel free to contact us.