Can I have a sapphire instead of a diamond for an engagement ring?

The short answer is YES! But why?

To answer the corundum conundrum, on the MOH’S scale of hardness, the Corundum family (of which sapphire is apart of) is the second hardest naturally occurring material (natural moissanite is harder however the largest ever moissanite discovered was around 0.30ct, so very very small). Leaving us with the corundum family, the question we need to answer is why?

Let’s begin with why sapphire and not diamond?

It’s beautiful and it comes in a large range of colours. It has been popular throughout the ages and most pieces are unique. Diamonds, as beautiful as they can be are unfortunately everywhere; and they look the same; yet, try finding two 3ct Ceylon blue sapphires that look the same! As someone whose task it is to source gemstones, it’s almost impossible! Find two 3ct diamonds that are matching; simple!
We’ve all heard that famous slogan, ‘Diamonds are forever’. Referring to a diamond’s hardness, that statement somewhat makes sense. They last a long time. Sapphires are not as durable however they are still by far hard enough. Think about royalty; we all know that famous princess Di ring with the centrally set royal blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds in a cluster style setting. Durability wasn’t an issue there as it’s been past down to the next generation and it’s in great condition. Let’s look to some of that Georgian jewellery. Our ancestors are no longer around but their sapphires still wonder the planet in great condition.

But everyone gets engaged with a diamond!

Yes, most people who get engagement buy a diamond engagement ring. Why? Great marketing; that’s it! Nothing more and nothing less. That’s not to say a lot of people don’t buy them because they are in love with diamonds but the MAJORITY do so because of excellent HISTORICAL marketing. We are creatures of habit and we go with the flow rather than make our own decisions and its been embedded in our nature to go straight for those sparklers.

After reading this post you may think to yourself; why am I against diamonds as an engagement ring? I am not. There are other options out there that should be considered. If your favourite colour is blue, you can have a blue sapphire, if your favourite colour is pink you can have a pink sapphire, if your favourite colour is green you can have a green sapphire; what I’m trying to say is your options are plenty and you don’t need to be bound to tradition. If however diamonds are your thing, go for it and if you need advice on how to buy, I can help. What I want to achieve through this message is you are not bound by any rules; it is solely your choice!